Following the trend that initiated on Hemispheric Views, I’m posting my app defaults.

Fire up those buzzers, it’s game show time! We have the self proclaimed Mr. Default being challenged by a no-name up and comer. Two will enter. One will leave crowned as Mr. Default 2023. 👑

I mostly use Apple products and prefer native applications with easy to access file formats.

Category What I use
📨 Mail Client Apple Mail
📮 Mail Server iCloud with my own Domain
📝 Notes Markdown and Apple Notes
✅ To-Do Apple Reminders
📷 Photo Shooting iPhone 13 mini
🟦 Photo Gallery Apple Photos
📆 Calendar Apple Calendar
📁 Cloud File Storage iCloud
📖 RSS News Explorer
🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts Apple Contacts
🌐 Browser Safari & Edge
💬 Chat WhatsApp & iMessage
🔖 Bookmarks Safari
📑 Read It Later PDF to my reMarkable
📜 Word Processing Apple Pages
📈 Spreadsheets Apple Numbers
📊 Presentations Apple Keynote
🛒 Shopping Lists Part of my To-Do
🍴 Meal Planning Crouton
💰 Finance Banking4 & Numbers
📰 News RSS & Mastodon
🎵 Music Apple Music
🎤 Podcasts Apple Podcast
🔐 Passwords iCloud Keychain, Passkey’s & Yubikey